History & Development

Founded in 1898 by Heinrich Winkelmann and Caspar Pannhoff as a tradesman’s business, today, four separate divisions operate in harmony under the umbrella of the Winkelmann Group. One of these divisions is Winkelmann Building + Industry (WBI), with Reflex Winkelmann as one of its key components. The Reflex brand has been an established market presence for decades. It celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2022 and has since become synonymous with high-quality product reliability. The company has an international infrastructure, with more than 25 of our own sales companies, which means our brand is currently visible in every important market across the globe.

But Reflex offers more than just products. Aside from extensive planning and consultancy services, commissioning by our own service technicians, and comprehensive after-sales support, we now also offer many digital services to help our customers plan, install and operate our products.

50 years future

Solutions for a sustainable future

Our company's heritage stretches back over 120 years and the Reflex brand boasts a pedigree of over 50 years. But we have always had a forward-looking perspective.

Tomorrow’s adventures will involve significant global challenges with both opportunities and responsibility. But we are ready to take these on as we are also thinking about the important mega trends and future fields – today and tomorrow. 

Solutions for a sustainable future

Working for your success

In accordance with our assertion that we offer our customers excellent products with the latest state of the art technology, decades of experience, ongoing knowledge building across all levels, as well the consideration of the needs of our customers, are fundamental prerequisites.

Our research and development teams from the different companies and business divisions in the Winkelmann Group benefit from one another and create efficient synergies to deliver the highest quality to you, our customers.

Certified Reflex quality