Interactive Reflex City

Living, shopping, working and producing – city-life means diversity. And the demands on supply technology are as varied the buildings’ use.

Find out more about the entire world of Reflex through the interactive Reflex City. From presentations on our products, through solutions and reference sites, to tours of our key areas.

Interactive Reflex City ‒ the entire world of Reflex.

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Thinking green with Reflex

Climate change and its impacts as well as rising energy prices are core challenges which affect us all – citizens, communities and companies. At Reflex Winkelmann, we understand how important it is for heating and cooling systems to work efficiently and recognise that every available option must be taken to protect the climate and ultimately reduce energy costs, particularly in the heating sector.

We are committed to the climate policy targets of the German government and are already making an important contribution to climate protection today.
We regard ourselves as pioneers in the development of sustainable technologies for heating and cooling systems which increase efficiency, as optimum system hydraulics with a gas-free medium and the best possible heat transfer are key factors here. And this is what we offer.