Water make-up systems in supply technology systems

A basic precondition for optimum heat transport and heat transfer with minimum losses is a heat transfer medium which must be available in sufficient quantity as well as sufficient quality. Reflex make-up systems avoid low water levels, prevent air problems, and achieve system separation from potable water systems. Because our systems combine three functions in one: system separation, water treatment and make-up water monitoring. 

Water make-up systems

  • Monitoring system pressure and make-up for insufficient pressure
  • Reliably preventing air problems with a sufficient water reserve
  • Secure make-up from potable water systems in accordance with DIN EN 1717 and DIN 1988

For long-term, stable operation of many different types of system

Insufficient water in heating and cooling systems impairs the functionality of the pressure maintenance being used. This can result in air inclusion, massive circulation faults, cavitation at the circulating pumps and, in the worst case, total failure of the system. Water make-up systems are therefore recommended which also act as pressure control devices.
As far as the monitoring and control of the make-up water is concerned, a distinction is made between manual and automatic water make-up systems. While the automatic controller in automatic water make-up always ensures optimum filling levels/pressure in the system, manual make-up requires ‘control’ of the make-up by the operator. 

If the make-up is from a public potable water system, this supply must be protected by providing system separation between the potable water system and the service water application.

The Fillset and Fillcontrol product ranges from Reflex open up a wide range of solution approaches for manual or automatic make-up.

Product solutions for make-up

Water treatment technology

  • System protection and energy saving through the reduction of limescale deposits
  • Reduction of limescale deposits and corrosion due to chlorides, sulphates, nitrates, phosphates
  • Simple and compact installation as well as easy handling due to simple cartridge replacement

Reliably high heating water quality

Modern boilers are expected to withstand constantly increasing heating surface loads leading to an increased risk of deposits, especially limescale. Performance is then reduced and, in the worst case, boilers can become irreparably damaged. To prevent this, Reflex Fillsoft offers a water treatment programme which treats filling and make-up water according to standards. Reflex recommends Fillsoft for any water make-up system because it significantly contributes to system safety and requires little effort.

In addition to the Fillsoft variants purely for water softening, Fillsoft Zero is also available for water demineralisation. This type of water treatment is often recommended when using aluminium materials in heat generators. It is based on the Fillsoft housing which can then be specifically fitted with the relevant cartridges for softening or demineralisation.

Water treatment product solutions
Broschüre Nachspeisesysteme & Wasseraufbereitungstechnik

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Water make-up systems and water treatment technology

A heat transfer medium needs to be constantly available at a sufficient quantity and quality no matter what the size of the system. Local requirements such as water quality also need to be taken into account. Reflex make-up and water treatment technologies always keep you on the safe side.