Measures from our management policy

To implement this, we have created a workspace for our colleagues that is fully aware of quality, the environment, and energy and have had this confirmed through appropriate certification.

We are developing new products and technologies using both agile and classic development routes, taking into consideration continuous improvement of environmental and energy-related aspects as well as sustainability. We consider it our responsibility here to ensure this through our entire supply chain by selecting suitable partners and stating our requirements clearly.

We use modern production technologies to create our products taking into consideration an value-added chain which conserves resources.

We have also brought in a further tool with the Winkelmann production system which allows us to implement our Kaizen-based approach in the business.

In the course of digitalisation, we communicate not only internally over all locations but also with our customers and suppliers as important external partners via modern communication channels. We thus ensure fast global availability of relevant information for our joint tasks and responsibilities.

By means of the global support of central processes of the Winkelmann Group, we are using uniform standards in all companies of the Group and ensure the collaboration with interested parties, taking into account all applicable laws and directives.


Management policy

Our management policy at a glance. 


Management manual

Find out how we got here, why we are where we are today, and what our plan is from our management manual.