From the station to the overall system

As a system supplier, Reflex takes freshwater stations to the next level, directly supplying a complete freshwater system consisting of a Reflex Hydroflow freshwater station, a Storaflow hot water storage tank, and a SINUS manifold. The components are matched to each other so there is no need for extended research for appropriate system components. This results in significant savings in time and money for both installers and planners.

The freshwater station, hot water storage tank and manifold are all available in a range of sizes, allowing specific requirements to be precisely met. Furthermore, the performance volumes of the Reflex Hydroflow can be extended through specific retrofitting. This is particularly beneficial when using a heat pump.

Reflex Hydroflow

  • Continuous flow principle ensures extremely high hygiene at all times
  • Easy installation thanks to comprehensive Plug & Play accessory
  • Flexible adaptation as the freshwater stations can be cascaded

Flexible use when demands are high

Hot water on demand, optimum hygiene and maximum convenience. The freshwater station is particularly suitable for applications with extremely high hygiene requirements, such as in hospitals or schools, but end users in detached private properties and multi-occupancy buildings also benefit from a convenient and rapid potable water supply.

Reflex Hydroflow is available in a range of different sizes, in nickel or copper versions, and in XS, S, M, L and XL formats. The smaller versions have a heat exchanger, pump, temperature sensors and regulator. The Reflex Hydroflow XS has a thermostatic regulator while the other four versions have an electronic regulator. The large L and XL versions also have integral ball valves as well as an optional circulation set.

Reflex Hydroflow freshwater stations


  • Energy saving due to efficient operation and quick reaction by the heating element due to optimum positioning of the flange
  • Minimal thermal mixing due to stratification
  • Perfectly adapted to heat pump use as well as hybrid applications

Efficient heating

Storaflow is extremely efficient due to stratification by means of a stratification pipe and stratification separator plate as well as the positioning of the heating element flange in the upper area of the storage tank. This means that only the upper part of the hot water storage tank needs to be heated to provide hot potable water instead of the whole storage tank. This means potable water is provided more quickly for less energy.

Optimum use can be made of the so-called standby section below the separator plate by connecting renewable energies. The hot water storage tank can be flexibly integrated and is therefore particularly suitable for hybrid applications in both new-builds and existing stock. It therefore complies with the 65% requirement of the German Buildings Energy Act (Gebäudeenergiegesetz (GEG)). It is also easy to install thanks to the 90° connection and is suitable for a wide range of potential applications due to the 500 l to 2000 l sizes.

Storaflow buffer tank

Compact and intelligent manifold solutions

The compact manifolds are characterised by their space-saving design. They ensure optimum supply to the heating circuit and a structured system image. They are used in both potable and service water systems. Manifolds form the interface between the primary side and the secondary side. Due to their favourable flow conditions, they ensure safe hydraulics and their construction makes installation easier.

SINUS compact manifold
brochure - fresh water stations

Segment brochure

Freshwater stations

Comprehensive and detailed information on freshwater stations is available from the freshwater station brochure. It explains how Reflex Hydroflow can be expanded into a system, extended using hot water storage tanks, or cascaded. It also includes information on the portfolio and technical details.