Functions of pressure-maintaining systems

The correct pressure conditions are essential for heating, solar and cooling water systems, as well as pressure-boosting systems, to function perfectly. Just like all other media, the volume of water changes with the temperature. However, unlike other liquids, water does not expand in direct proportion to the temperature. As water is not compressible, this produces a rapid increase in pressure in closed systems when the temperature changes. Pressure is maintained at its optimum level (depending on the point of installation) by two different pressure-maintaining systems:

  • static pressure-maintaining systems

  • dynamic pressure-maintaining systems

Static pressure-maintaining systems

  • Functions without power, compressor or pump
  • Durable, wear-resistant membrane
  • Can be used as an expansion, buffer or control vessel

A simple and intelligent solution

Expansion vessels act as expansion or buffer vessels without the need for power, a compressor or a pump. This functionality is so simple: a membrane separates the vessel into a water chamber and a gas chamber and prevents the gas diffusing into the water.

Expansion vessels must compensate volumetric fluctuations between the maximum and minimum temperature. Products from the Reflex range are used as expansion vessels in heating, solar and cooling water systems while products from the Refix range are used to save potable water in water heating systems.

Buffer and control vessels have to temporarily store the difference between the pumped volume flow and the required volume flow. Control vessels are also used when it comes to reducing the switching frequency of a supply device. In general, products from the Refix range are used as buffer vessels in pressure-boosting systems while the products from the Reflex range are used as control vessels in pump-controlled pressure maintenance stations.

Product solutions for static pressure maintenance
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Expansion vessels

Wherever the right pressure is required, that’s where you will find a Reflex pressure-maintaining system. As the market leader, Reflex covers a wide range of potential application areas: from a domestic solar system, via direct installation of boilers, to potable water supply in residential complexes.

Dynamic pressure-maintaining systems

  • Automatic and monitored operation
  • Space-saving by reducing the volume of the vessel
  • Reliable pressure maintenance

Reliable pressure maintenance for every requirement

With our broad range of pressure maintenance stations, we can create automatic and precise pressure maintenance in systems with an extremely wide range of demands.

Dynamic pressure maintenance stations are a further development of the classic expansion vessel with a static pressure pad. The principle differs through the use of an additional control unit which allows the volume in a closed vessel to be altered and used extremely efficiently.

Reflex offers the Reflexomat compressor-controlled variant or the Variomat pump-controlled pressure maintenance station. Reflexomat uses a compressor to control the pressure balance while the Variomat facilitates this with a pump. The Variomat also includes integral degassing. Both product groups are available in a wide range of sizes and can be customised on request.

Product solutions for dynamic pressure maintenance
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Pressure maintenance stations

With our broad range of pressure maintenance stations, we can create automatic and precise pressure maintenance in systems with an extremely wide range of demands.