Successful with sustainability

The goal of our company is to help our customers achieve their decarbonisation and sustainability goals and in doing so, we set a good example. As a constantly forward-looking company, we are committed to a sustainable energy policy.

The personal commitment and visionary thinking of our owner Heinrich Winkelmann, who became the fourth generation of owners to head up the company in 2010, champions sustainable operation, creating the framework for new directions. Actions such as energy self-sufficient manufacturing and farming, solar power plants at our headquarters, and the step into the future of wind power, are all flagship projects which constantly prompt us to think outside the box.

Our materials? Becoming increasingly sustainable!

Taking a responsible approach to using finite resources means thinking outside the box. One example is the Fillset Compact Twist fitting which is a milestone in terms of working without lead. The fitting for directly connecting make-up devices in heating and cold water systems to potable water systems now has a lead content of less than 0.1 per cent and thus already far exceeds the requirements of the European Drinking Water Directive EU 2020/2184. Just one example of ecologically sustainable special alloys.

Guaranteed sustainable

We rely on our quality and automatically provide a five year warranty for many of our products. For other products, such as Servitec, degassing, or Reflexomat and Variomat pressure maintenance, the warranty can be extended to 5 years when combined with a Reflex maintenance contract. Sustainable benefits for you. A system with optimum set-up that always runs at maximum efficiency. Wear and damage just don’t get a look in, so your system retains optimum functionality for many years ahead while reducing your operating costs.

Reflex warranty

Setting sustainable standards

As a fourth generation family company, we are committed to running our company responsibly and consistently across every division. We take this responsibility seriously as we think about the future. We are involved in many sustainable business management initiatives and have been awarded labels and certificates from various bodies.

Reflex quality

Selected, special sustainability reference projects

Reflex-Referenz Winkelmann Powertrain Components

Winkelmann Powertrain Components

Reflex-Referenz Hof Grabenmeier

Energieautarker Hof Grabenmeier

farmsolar thermalheatingpotable and service water
Reflex-Referenz Villa

Villa Zuiderhoeve

single-family homeheating