Manifold technology – Sine curve brand

Manifold technology is a key area of expertise for Sinusverteiler which has almost 40 years of pioneering innovations to rely on. The sine curve is part of the manifold brand. In terms of design, the flow and return chambers are arranged such that they align due to the sine curve running through the centre, and are therefore used to save space in increasingly narrow heating centres. This unique design provides further benefits by ensuring that laminar flow conditions are maintained which keeps pressure losses and heat transfer to a minimum. 


  • Space-saving manifold unit due to special arrangement of the flow and return chambers
  • Optimum flow conditions with low heat transfer
  • Wide range of variants for all requirements and applications

Compact and intelligent manifold solutions

Manifolds are used in an extremely wide range of designs in heating and cooling systems to distribute the energy in the system in the form of media flows. They are used in both potable and service water systems. They form the interface between the primary (generator) side and the secondary (consumer) side. Due to their favourable flow conditions, they ensure safe hydraulics and make installation easier.

In addition to the classic single chamber and compact manifolds, SINUS also offers innovative variants and special, specifically pre-assembled solutions. For example, the SINUS HydroFixx, a powerful combination of manifold and hydraulic separator.

Product solutions in manifold technology

Hydraulic separators

  • High system efficiency due to reduced pump performance and continuous component operation
  • Option for magnetite separation using magnetite filter cartridges
  • Suitable for separating gases and suspended solids carried in the flow

The optimum solution for avoiding faulty hydraulic switching

Hydraulic separators ensure high stability and safety in heating and cooling systems. They hydraulically decouple the primary and secondary sides. Their design allows fluctuating volume flows to be balanced, thus preventing hydraulic problems as the pumps cannot influence each other. Hydraulic separators are an essential basic element for safe and efficient hydraulics in today’s dynamic systems.

Product solutions in manifold technology

Multivalent solutions

  • Multivalent distribution, energy storage and hydraulic decoupling
  • Individually designed and custom-made
  • No influence on the different circuits under different load conditions

The system technology all-rounder

The multivalent solutions product range offers products specific to multivalent systems. These allow hydraulic systems to operate at different temperature levels. Specifically, these varying temperatures occur in heating systems with different types of heat generation. Multivalent solutions ensure that the temperatures and outputs are used efficiently and sustainably.

By using a SINUS MultiFlow Expert or SINUS MultiFlow Center, the systems can be reliably divided into the respective temperature levels. A SINUS MultiFlow Center functions as a hydraulic separator, a manifold and energy storage system all in one.

Multivalent solutions in manifold technology
Multivalente Lösungen

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Multivalent solutions

We are making heating and cooling systems future-proof with our multivalent solutions from the SINUS brand. This makes it easy to integrate different types of heat generators into the system and combine them flexibly.

Complete systems & specific pre-assembly

  • Significant cost and time savings during installation
  • Bespoke to customer requirements
  • Leak testing and thorough final inspections of all parts prior to delivery

Specific holistic solutions for manifold technology

The SINUS ProfiFixx is a complete solution comprising a manifold, flange pump groups and insulation in accordance with the German Building Energy Act (Gebäudeenergiegesetz – GEG). The system can be specifically configured so that the manifold and the relevant heating circuit and supplies can be adapted to the project as a starting point. SINUS ProfiFixx can be installed in many different ways in heating systems up to 1600 kW.

We offer complete, specific pre-assembly for special requirements. Here, all the individual adapters up to the final manifold structure are custom-made to customer requirements. For optimum safety, the bespoke production includes priming and pressure testing all the components.

Overall systems and specific solutions in manifold technology