What are separation and degassing systems?

Gas pockets in water heating/cooling systems can impair their functionality to the extent that entire components and systems can break down completely. They reduce energy transmission efficiency and create the risk of corrosion. Corrosion encourages the formation of dirt and sludge in heating and cooling circuits which, in turn, can result in further impairment of the entire system. Every technology which facilitates degassing/separation has a characteristic efficiency in terms of degassing and separation performance. The Reflex Servitec vacuum spray tube degassing system is the most powerful system here. Combining dirt and sludge separators produces very efficient synergies for optimising the operation of technical water facilities.

Air and sludge separators

  • Durable reliable functionality
  • Venting and separation of magnetite, microbubbles, dirt or sludge
  • Specially developed ventilators and microbubble separators available for use in solar systems

Efficient energy transfer with no risk of corrosion

Venting and separation technology removes gases, dirt and sludge particles from water-distribution systems avoiding downtime and reducing possible corrosion.

As far as the free gases in the system are concerned, a distinction is made between large, visible gas bubbles which can be vented and small, barely visible gas bubbles which are part of the flow in the medium. These occur as microbubbles and must at least be separated off.

In addition to corrosion, impurities due to age or poorly cleaned pipelines and limescale deposits can lead to a build-up of dirt and sludge in the system. This inevitably has a detrimental effect on the smooth operation of the system.

Product solutions for air and sludge separation
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Separation technology

Reflex venting and separation technologies reliably extract gas bubbles, dirt and sludge particles from the system, thus significantly improving water quality.

Degassing systems

  • Easy installation and commissioning
  • Powerful, central degassing of content and make-up water
  • Patented valve switching for fully automated hydraulic balancing

Reliable protection against gas problems in small and large systems

Gases are a considerable disruptive factor in heating and cooling systems. As components of the water, they impede flow, pose risks of corrosion and reduce the output into the room. To avert and prevent this problem, extensive degassing is recommended.

In the vacuum spray tube degassing system, only a partial flow of the system water is removed, degassed in a vacuum and returned to the system almost gas-free. The undersaturated water can now absorb new gases in the system again, therefore bringing about a lasting reduction in the gas concentration throughout the system network. As a result, optimal conditioning of the system water is achieved, hydraulic balancing is perfected and the system runs more efficiently and trouble-free. 

The principle is versatile, works in many sectors and can be used in technically sophisticated apartment buildings and district heating networks right up to special customised solutions in large industrial facilities. Reflex offers a broad range of solutions for this purpose and has also developed the Servitec Mini, providing technology for systems up to 100 kW in the private sector.

Product solutions for degassing
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Vacuum spray pipe degassing

Our Servitec degassing systems offer maximum comfort. Enhanced water quality benefits home owners through improved comfort, fitters through less maintenance, and system operators through lasting operational reliability and efficiency.