Demonstrably efficient

Our product solutions are all about significantly and demonstrably reducing energy consumption without compromising comfort or functionality. From Class A hot water storage tanks, through Variomat pressure maintenance, to Exdirt Twist separators, we offer a complete range of energy-efficient solutions. And don’t forget our patented Servitec vacuum spray-tube degassing system which will be celebrating 25 years on the market in 2024. Solid proof that increased efficiency has long been embedded in our product development. 

Another important element of efficient systems is optimum water quality. Whether softening or demineralisation, heat transfer is significantly increased with our portfolio of heat transfer medium optimisation products. 

Generating pressure efficiently

System efficiency and sustainability go hand in hand. Our Servitec technology and the Variomat pressure maintenance stations give you maximum efficiency – from a single-family home to an industrial facility. We help our customers achieve their climate objectives and set the highest sustainability standards in their industries.

Heating the future

The better use a heating system makes of residual heat, the more efficient it is. This also applies when using different energy sources. Heat pump, renewable energy or natural gas: SINUS MultiFlow is the versatile solution. This sustainable all-rounder combines fossil fuels and sustainable energy sources for safe hydraulics with maximum efficiency.

Less limescale, more efficiency!

What do systems in residential, industrial and commercial buildings have in common? They only work efficiently if the water has been optimally treated. And that means as little limescale as possible. This is where Reflex water treatment technology comes in. The result: no limescale deposits and efficient system operation. 

Heating costs? Time to save!

Saving made easy. Too little use is being made of this opportunity, particularly in private households. They are still the main consumers of energy for heating rooms and water. In 2021, private households were responsible for 69 % of consumption. The solution for systems of any size is Servitec and class A hot water storage tanks from Reflex. It's a simple equation now: degassing and efficient hot water supply means lower heating costs. 

Calculate potential increase in energy efficiency

Innovative pressure maintenance, degassing, dirt separation: these are the ingredients for an efficient system. But just how much can you save? The Reflex energy efficiency calculator lets you know in a few simple steps.

Selected reference projects focussing on energy efficiency

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Gateshead District Energy Centre

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FEGA & SCHMITT Elektrogroßhandel GmbH

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