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brochure - expansion vessels

Reflex, Refix

Diaphragm expansion vessels

Wherever there is a need for the correct pressure, that’s where you will find Reflex pressure maintenance systems. As the market leader, Reflex services many different application areas: from solar systems in homes, via direct installation in boilers, to drinking water supplies in residential complexes.

brochure - pressurisation systems

Reflexomat, Variomat

Pressurisation Systems

We offer a broad portfolio of pressurisation stations to enable automated and precise pressure maintenance in systems with the broadest spectrum of different requirements.

brochure - water make-up systems

Fillset/Fillcontrol, Fillsoft

Water make-up systems & treatment technology

A heat transfer medium needs to be constantly available at a sufficient quantity and quality no matter what the size of the system. Local requirements such as water quality also need consideration. Reflex water make-up and water treatment technologies put you always on the safe side.

brochure - degassing

Servitec, Servitec Mini

Vacuum spray-tube degassing

Our Servitec degassing systems ensure maximum comfort. Thanks to the increased water quality, homeowners benefit from more living comfort, installers from reduced maintenance costs and system operators from long-term operational reliability and efficiency.

brochure - separation

Exvoid, Exdirt, Extwin

Separation technology

Reflex venting and separation technologies reliably extract gas bubbles, dirt and sludge particles from the system, thus significantly improving water quality. Resulting in enhanced operational reliability, a longer service life, less maintenance and enhanced energy transmission efficiency.

brochure - heat exchanger


Brazed and gasketed heat exchangers

Reflex heat exchanger systems are used to separate media or circuits and can be adapted to almost any requirement profile — from underfloor heating and solar and potable water systems to machine cooling or indirect district heating connections.

brochure - hot water storage tanks


Hot water storage tanks

Expectations are growing constantly when it comes to the comfort of our own home. At the same time, environmental protection demands reductions in energy consumption. Reflex potable water and buffer storage tanks make it possible to combine both aspects effectively.

brochure - fresh water stations

Reflex Hydroflow & Storaflow

Freshwater stations

Comprehensive and detailed information on freshwater stations is available from the freshwater station brochure. It explains how Reflex Hydroflow can be expanded into a system, extended using hot water storage tanks, or cascaded. It also includes information on the portfolio and technical details.

brochure - multivalent solutions

SINUS Multiflow Center & SINUS Multiflow Expert

Multivalent solulutions

The trend toward increasingly efficient hot- and cold-water systems is leading to numerous innovations in building technology. One such innovation is the idea of integrating plant systems with different temperature levels into an overall system.

project solutions brochure

Project & special solutions

Our portfolio for customised facility planning

The project sales team sees itself as your full-service partner in every aspect of water-bearing building technology. You can depend on the concentrated sectoral expertise of our well-coordinated team of experts when it comes to complex major projects.

brochure - data centers

Data centres

Solutions for water-bearing systems in highly sensitive environments

When it comes to the sensitive environment of data centres, any building technology applications involving the supply and delivery of water need to offer the utmost reliability and accuracy. As a full-service partner, Reflex has its own Project Sales team that specialises in the planning and design of water-bearing systems in complex, large-scale plants and highly sensitive environments.

brochure - planning & calculation

Compact expertise

Professional planning, calculation and equipment

This guideline is intended to provide you with the most important information for planning, calculation and equipment of Reflex pressurisation, degassing and heat transfer systems. Summarising Calculation forms have been created for selected systems. Summaries are provided in which you will find the most important auxiliary variables and material values for the calculation as well as the requirements for safety equipment.

brochure - heating & cooling

Compact expertise

Intelligent pressure maintenance of combined Heating-cooling Systems

The heating and cooling of spaces using the same transfer devices is an approach that is becoming increasingly common, particularly in commercial buildings, where state of the art technology is used to maintain a comfortable and safe working climate.

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