Bespoke pre-assembly?

A bespoke skid is prepared as an all-in-one solution for your major projects.

The cost and time pressures for major construction projects are immense and deliveries must be made on a Just-in-Time basis and budgets strictly adhered to. This is exactly where skid solutions belong – they make planners’ and architects’ day-to-day work that much easier. They are pre-assembled, matched system solutions from Reflex for pressure maintenance, degassing, make-up and water treatment, including complete pipework and intelligent controllers.

They offer a high degree of flexibility and many benefits for installers and operators on site. From relieving time pressures and making planners, engineers and specialist tradespeople more efficient in their day-to-day work, through optimum build quality, to on-time delivery – allowing customers to concentrate on their core business.

Benefits of Reflex skid solutions

  • Efficient project planning
  • Customised production
  • Space-saving concept
  • Complete, all-in-one solution
  • Plug and play installation
  • Optimum system performance
  • Minimum investment in time and money
Reflex Skid XL solution
Reflex skid solution

Quick, flexible, safe

Skids are used in any size of building, from community schools to international airports. They can be flexibly integrated into various systems and thus optimise both heating and cooling systems as well as solar and water supply systems. But these system solutions offer ultimate reliability as well as optimum flexibility. Skid solutions can therefore be installed in sensitive areas such as data-processing centres. Operator’s own standards can also be met without difficulty and the modules can be developed to meet specific customer parameters.

The system is tested in advance and the individual components are matched to each other via a master-slave switch. The latter provides a back-up in the event of a malfunction, thus ensuring maximum reliability and safety. Installation costs and potential installation errors are therefore reduced to a minimum, allowing the system group to be integrated on site quickly and smoothly. And that is both in buildings and outside.

Comfortably on target

In addition to outstanding safety and reliability, Reflex also relies on high levels of user- friendliness and comfort. This applies to not only the control modules and construction but also the logistics we use to deliver large skids in smaller vehicles so that special transport solutions are not required. The individual skids are delivered by truck and can be directly connected at the point of use thanks to plug and play solutions.

Delivery and quick "plug and play" installation

Reference sites with skid solutions

Selected reference projects using Reflex skid solutions

Reflex-Referenz Gateshead

Gateshead District Energy Centre

local heating networkheating
Reflex-Referenz Rechenzentrum


computer centrecooling
Reflex-Referenz Winkelmann Powertrain Components

Winkelmann Powertrain Components


Are you interested in our pre-assembly services?

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