Water storage technology as part of sustainable systems

Using storage solutions in heating and cooling systems saves primary energy and increases operating safety. Not only do they ensure hydraulic balancing and prevent pulsing of the heat generator, they can also be combined with solar thermal systems and heat pumps.

By adjusting the construction and thermal insulation concepts, our hot water storage tanks meet the highest demands for low standing losses and high efficiency potentials. This allows you to make your living space more comfortable while reducing energy consumption and protecting the environment. 

Potable water storage tank

  • "High-grade workmanship for maximum potable water quality and long service life"
  • Magnesium anode as standard for additional cathodic protection against corrosion
  • Energy efficiency class A to C thanks to rECOflex® insulation system

Wide range of options for efficient heating and storage of potable water

Differing hot water requirements and heating system configurations with several and in many cases also renewable energy sources call for specific hot water storage tanks for each application, such as standard tanks, tanks for use with solar energy, tanks for use in heat pump systems, or in storage-tank charging systems. And since the hygiene of potable water always plays a key role in the process, strict guidelines must be observed.

With Storatherm Aqua, Reflex is offering a wide range of high-quality storage water heaters for both monovalent and bivalent heating as well as for flexible use in external heat exchangers. All the components in contact the potable water are enamelled and further protected by a magnesium anode and the supply is completely thermally insulated.

Our product solutions for potable water storage tanks

Heating water buffer tank

  • Efficient and low-loss storage of excess heat
  • Longer service life of the system by reducing the start-up cycles of the heating system
  • Many connection options for optimum integration of an extremely wide variety of heat sources

Efficient availability of energy on demand

Buffer storage tanks separate heat generation and heat consumption in terms of both time and hydraulics. This satisfies a substantial precondition for the demand-driven and efficient provision of energy from waste heat, solar systems, CHP and other heat generators, where heat emission is not directly geared to demand. Storatherm buffer tanks can be used in an extremely wide range of applications. They are mainly used as charge water tanks to supply heating systems.

The Storatherm Heat Combi is both a buffer storage tank and a hot water storage tank, meaning it can be used for hot water preparation and backup heating.

With our individual SINUS buffer tanks, we are also offering a wide range of different storage solution designs and configurations – to suit your specific requirements. 

Our product solutions for buffer tanks
Broschüre Warmwasserspeicher

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Hot water storage tank

Expectations are growing constantly when it comes to the comfort of our own home. At the same time, protecting the environment demands we reduce our energy consumption. Reflex potable water and buffer storage tanks make it possible to combine both aspects effectively.