Heat exchanger technology for every system requirement

Heat exchangers are used to separate circuits with different operating parameters such as different operating overpressures, water content or water quality, for example in underfloor heating systems, district heating systems, potable water heating, solar systems or cooling systems for machines. Your project: to ensure highly efficient heat exchange with the lowest possible flow resistance.

Longtherm heat exchangers operate on the counter-flow principle in which the two fluids flow past each other in the heat exchanger in opposing directions, enabling the most efficient exchange of heat.

Brazed heat exchanger

  • Copper-brazed plate heat exchanger for efficient heat transfer
  • Extensive vertical portfolio for a wide range of applications
  • Available in single-pass and double-pass versions

For efficient heat transfer

Our copper-brazed plate heat exchangers are sturdily built, durable, quality products. The plates are made from high-grade stainless steel and the solder from copper.

In future, it will be possible to be even more precise when selecting from the 107 different designs of individual plates and types. Choose from the L (low), M (middle) or H (high) plate profiles. Our special brazing process ensures the stability. The heat exchangers can also withstand high temperatures of up to 230 degrees Celsius and operating pressures of up to 30 bar thanks to the durable plate connections. The range of designs extends from a minimum of ten plates to a maximum of 280.

Our product solutions for brazed heat exchangers

Gasketed heat exchangers

  • Disassembly possible: Easy and quick cleaning as well as flexible extension of the plate pack
  • High-quality materials, processing and coating
  • Adhesive-free seals for quick and easy maintenance

For very low temperature spreads and over 1 MW

Gasketed heat exchangers are the preferred solution when the temperature spreads are very low on one side while there are high capacity ranges of over 1 MW on the other. As they can be disassembled, they can be cleaned quickly and easily. They can also be extended with more plate packs. As with the brazed versions, the plates in the gasketed heat exchangers are also made from stainless steel and the three plate profiles are the same. The seals are made from NBR rubber.

There are a total of 56 different types available. Gasketed heat exchangers can withstand temperatures up to 110 degrees Celsius and a maximum operating pressure or 16 bar. The smallest version can have 35 plates and the maximum 220 plates.

Our product solutions for gasketed heat exchangers
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Heat exchangers

Reflex heat exchangers are used to separate media or circuits and can be adapted to almost any requirement profile – from underfloor heating and solar and potable water systems to machine cooling or indirect district heating connections.