Item no.: 8835800

Reflex Servitec Mini

compact vacuum spray tube degassing in automatic mode

Technical data



Max. system volume

1 m³

max. perm. operating temperature

60 °C

max. perm. operating pressure

4 bar

operating pressure

0.5 - 2.5 bar

Max. sound pressure level

55 dB(A)

Electric connection


Pressure side connection

G 1/2"

Connection outflow side

G 1/2"

Separation level, dissolved gases to

90 %

Max. partial volume flow network

0.050 m³/h

Rated electrical current

0.30 A

Max. electrical rated power

0.06 kW


420 mm


295 mm


220 mm


5.60 kg

Product details

Reflex Servitec
Vacuum spray tube degassing for system degassing in sealed heating and chilled water systems, configured as a fully automatic multi-function unit with auto-stop operation and automatic hydraulic compensation of the degassing process and monitoring of the make-up request.

Suitable for the media water and water/glycol mixtures up to a mixing ratio of 50/50%.

Functional unit comprising hydraulic part designed for wall mounting and electronic, ergonomically arranged Control Smart controller with CE marking.

Degassing takes place within the hydraulic part using a diaphragm pump in conjunction with a vertically arranged brass vacuum spray tube. This is equipped with a vacuum spray nozzle, dipstick-tube degassing unit and pressure monitoring. To protect it against dirt, the unit as a whole is located in a housing made from expanded polypropylene with an opening maintenance cover.

The Control Smart controller is integrated in a robust plastic housing in which both the power and communication electronics and the control panel with dirt-resistant plastic foil keyboard are housed. Bluetooth is integrated as standard as a communications interface. The controller has a fully automatic microprocessor controller with time function, differentiating error and parameter memory, LED display of the operating modes and general error messaging, visualisation of the control states for system pressure and all relevant operating and fault messages using the Control Smart App via Bluetooth communication.

Control Smart enables convenient wireless operation via Bluetooth using an app for smartphones and tablets running either iOS or Android to provide simple commissioning as well as visualisation of system operation. The following functions are available:

  • Automatic setting of the time and date
  • Setting and adjusting the minimum operating pressure p0
  • Switch-on times for permanent and interval degassing can be freely specified and entered by the operator
  • Free configuration of day of the week and time for interval degassing operating mode including a summer function
  • Status, warning and error display relating to facility pressure and operating states including diagnostic instructions and handling recommendations
  • Automatic software updates

Control unit completely assembled and wired ready for connection according to VDE regulations, mains power cable and mains plug, system connections by means of integrated shut-off valves.

Method of functioning in optimised operation with cycles for continuous and interval degassing. Actuation takes place via an integrated system pressure interpretation unit with automatic interruption and fault messaging upon exceeding of the running time and/or the number of cycles. Documentation and control of the entire system in respect of the above mentioned parameters.

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