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Item no.: 9257340

Reflex Exdirt DT 1 1/4 M

dirt separator with thread, 110 °C, 10 bar

Technical data


DT 1 1/4 M

Housing material


Installation variant

horizontal, vertical

Operating temperature

0 °C - 110 °C

Operating pressure

10 bar


IG 1 1/4"

Connection variant


Max. volume flow

3.8 m³/h

Flow rate characteristic value kvs

18.8 m³/h


63 mm


221 mm


206 mm

Installation length

100 mm


2.32 kg

Product details

Reflex Extdirt Twist Magnet
Dirt and sludge separator with 360° rotatable connection for vertical and horizontal pipes in heating and chilled water systems or sealed, liquid-filled system circuits.

Suitable for the media water and water/glycol mixtures up to a mixing ratio of 50/50%.

Integrated high energy permanent magnet easy clip with plug function for a quick connection without additional assembly effort on the sludge and dirt separator. High performance magnet comprising an isostatic pressed neodymium washer, that is inserted in a TPE plug-in washer. Highly efficient separation and fixing of ferromagnetic particles from the flow directly in the separator chamber thanks to axially-aligned magnetic field. Particles are specifically and permanently removed from the system by simple pulling out of the plug-in magnets from the separator housing, and subsequent cleaning without any interruption to operation. For maintenance tasks, the plug-in magnet can be removed from the separator housing by simply pulling it out.

The cleaning and emptying of the dirt collection chamber is possible via a dedicated desludging ball valve without any necessity to interrupt operation.


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