• Pressurization

  • Operator: Bilfinger HSG Facility Management Sp. z o.o.

heating, cooling
pressure maintenance

Performance parameter

  • Output: 3,000 MW

  • Temperature: 70 °C / 50 °C

  • System pressure: 20 bar

  • System volume: approx. 15 m³

  • Safety valve opening pressure: 23.5 bar 


  • To provide a pressure maintenance station for a high pressure system (high building)

  • Among others, it was necessary to adjust individual settings for pump cycles,
    on/off pressures for pumps and valves

Product solution

  • Variomat Giga hydraulic module GH150s

  • Variomat Giga control unit GS 7.5

  • Variomat Giga GG 1000

  • Reflex expansion vessel G400, PN25 

Achieved goals

  • Safe and smooth pressure maintenance for a high building with PN25 solution