• FEGA & SCHMITT, Electrical Wholesale

  • Commissioning: August 2019

heating, cooling
pressure maintenance, multivalent solutions, manifold technology

Performance parameter

  • Operating pressure: 6 bar

  • Output: Heating = 132 m³/h, cooling = 53 m³/h


  • Development of a robust hydraulic solution to implement a multivalent heating and cooling system

  • Efficient combination and connection of consumers with different temperatures (3 condensing boilers, radiators, underfloor heating and ventilation system)

Product solution


  • Sinus MultiFlow Center, customised production, 4,000-litre capacity

  • SINUS EasyFixx

  • Reflex Variomat


  • Sinus MultiFlow Center, customised design

  • SINUS EasyFixx

  • Reflex Variomat

Achieved goals

  • Speedy installation thanks to industrial prefabrication of the complete fittings         

  • The combination means the return temperatures for the condensing boilers can be kept low, to make the best possible use of the condensing effect                         

  • Increased efficiency by utilising residual heat quantities through appropriate circuit occupancyon