• Heating Plant

  • User: Gateshead Council

local heating network
separation, pressure maintenance, skid

Performance parameter

  • System volume: appr. 660.000 Liter

  • Power: 22,5 MW  


  • Reflex was commissioned to create a robust, customized solution to facilitate a district energy network and Combined Heat & Power (CHP) Centre in the Gateshead Quays area. Due to on site space constraints, the specification demanded a great deal of flexibility in the pressurisation maintenance station manufacturers approach. The task was to create a solution which could not only accomodate the system heat load but to also satisfy the space restictions within the plant room

Product solution

  • 1 x Variomat Giga GS 1.1, control unit

  • 1 x Variomat Giga hydraulic module

  • 1 x 8,000 litre Reflex basic vessel

  • 3 x 8,000 litre Reflex secondary vessels

  • 1 x extension module

  • 4 x diaphragm rupture detector

  • 1 x Servitec special system 90-4

  • 1 x skid base incorporating all but the 8,000 litre vessels

Achieved goals

  • Creating a customized solution including a packaged pressure maintenance station/ vacuum degasser and specific vessels resulted in lower installation costs and a more efficient solution. Residents in the area will be able to enjoy reduced exposure to Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) and Climate Change Levy.

  • On-going heating plant maintenance, servicing and replacement costs will be reduced                                                                  

  • An estimated 400 homes and 6 public buildings will benefit with capacity to significantly increase the network in the future.