• Production facility at an engineering company

Potable and service water
Pressure maintenance, make-up

Performance parameters

  • Capacity: 4 x 1,000 kW gas boilers

  • Temperature: 90 °C/ 70 °C

  • System volume: 100 m³  


  • The production facility at the engineering company GFM GmbH was fitted with a new pressure maintenance solution. The pressure was previously maintained using a vessel and compressed air.

Product solution

  • 1 x Variomat 2-2/60 Control Touch incl. extension module

  • 1 x Reflex V 2,000 litre intermediate vessel

  • 1 x Variomat VG 3,000 litre primary vessel

  • 1 x Variomat VF 3,000 litre secondary vessel

  • Boiler individual protection device with Reflex V intermediate vessels and Reflex NG vessels

  • 2 x Exdirt DN200 steel sludge separator with flange connection and Exferro magnetic insert

  • 1 x Fillset Impuls with contact water meter incl. backflow preventer

  • 1 x Fillsoft Zero demineralisation fitting

Objective achieved

  • In addition to pressure maintenance, using Fillsoft Zero to fully demineralise the water can optimise the water quality. The primary and secondary circuits are also protected against impurities as the Reflex Exdirt with magnetic insert reliably separates off dirt, sludge and magnetite particles.