• Four-star hotel

  • 240 comfortable rooms

  • 7 floors

  • Haustechnik Projekt GmbH (HTTP), Managing Director Frank Nikolaiczik

heating, cooling
separation, pressure maintenance, manifold technology

Performance parameter

  • Output: 800 KW  


  • Dynamic pressure maintenance, degassing and heating/cooling water manifolds with integrated low loss headersProduktlösung

Product solution

  • 1 x Servitec 60 vacuum spray-tube degassing

  • 1 x SINUS HydroFixx 280/320, manifold

  • 1 x Exdirt DN 80 dirt and sludge separator

  • 1 x Variomat 2-1 / 60 pressure maintenance station

Achieved goals

  • No post-ventilation of the heating and cooling circuits

  • Since the solution has been put into operation, it has not been necessary to enter the hotel rooms to remove air from the system

  • Time and costs have been saved

  • If degassing of the heating and cooling circuits had not been provided, the system would already have needed to be vented 2 or 3 three times