• Commissioning date: 2020

  • Name of installer: Zondervan Groep

single-family home
separation, pressure maintenance

Performance parameter

  • Temperature: 21.5 °C

  • System pressure: 1.7 bar

  • System pressure sources: 1.2 bar

  • Number of collectors (sources): 9 pieces

  • Depth of collectors: 100 metres

  • Amount of glycol mixture: 400 litres


  • In 2010, this farmhouse was converted into a luxury residential villa. The 2,300m3 building has a low-temperature system with 1,600 m of underfloor heating. The system has two heat pumps and two underfloor heating manifolds with eight groups each. The system is used for both heating and cooling.

  • Originally, in cold periods (< 5°C), a number of rooms did not heat up; one room in particular was affected. To enable this room to be heated, an additional electric radiator was installed in it.

Product solution

  • 1 x Servitec Mini

  • 1 x Reflex N expansion vessel: 35 litres, grey, pre-pressure 1.5 bar

  • 1 x Reflex N expansion vessel: 18 litres, grey, pre-pressure 1.5 bar

Achieved goals

  • The Servitec Mini fully meets expectations. The rooms are pleasantly warm in cold periods, and the house is very cosy. The room that did not heat up previously is now warm and comfortable. There is therefore no longer any need to use the additional electric radiator saving high energy costs. Thanks to the Servitec Mini much less energy is consumed for heating, leading to an additional saving of costs.