• Power self-sufficiency at the site "Schmalbachstrasse" of Winkelmann Powertrain Components GmbH + Co. KG

  • Commissioned in: January 2019

separation, pressure maintenance, make-up, water storage technology

Performance parameter

  • 6 CHPs from MTU Onsite Energy GmbH

  • Furnace capacity: 3,649 kW, Electrical capacity: 1,554 kW, Thermal capacity: 1,600 kW (per CHP in each case)

  • 2 x flywheel storage for frequency and voltage stability

  • Lithium battery storage with 1,000 kW capacity for weak load periods


  • Customised production of three buffer tanks with a water capacity of 44 m³ each, and installation of the tanks on the roof

  • Provision of a pre-fabricated skid solution for pressure maintenance, degassing and make-up

Product solution

  • 3 x buffer tanks 44,000 litres, 100°C, 6 bar, 200 mm insulation Skid solution– Pressure maintenance, degassing, make-up – consisting of:

  • 2 x Variomat VS 2-2/60 control units and 2 x Variomat VG 5000 primary vessels

  • 1 x Reflex V 3000 auxiliary vesse

  • 1 x Servitec 60 vacuum spray-tube degassing

Achieved goals

  • On 1 January 2019, Winkelmann Group disconnected one of its sites from the public grid. Since then, the site has been fully self-powered

  • Within the overall strategy, the Reflex buffer tanks serve as hydraulic separators, buffering heat, e.g. at the weekend

  • The Reflex skid solution guarantees reliable pressure maintenance, degassing and makeup and is controlled by the central building management system.