• Cement works

  • Operator: Holcim

pressure maintenance

Performance parameter

  • Output: 1 MW

  • Temperature: 215 °C

  • System pressure: 23 bar

  • Safety pressure: 40 bar


  • Special pressure maintenance (PN 40 design)

  • The remit is to create an intermediate circuit so that waste gas heat at 420 °C can be used. The ORC system is operated with a temperature of 14/215 °C in the intermediate cicuit (heating water). To prevent the water from evaporating, the system must be kept at a constant pressure of approx. 29 bar (pressure maintenance).

Product solution

  • 1 x Reflex special pressure maintenance station as per regulation TRD 604 sheet 2

  • 2 x Reflex collection vessels (3,000 l) with bladder and BOB pipe, control centre with Reflex control unit, cpl. hydraulic module with pumps and 2 overflow valves

  • 1 x Reflex control vessel (1,000 l, 29 bar) and one Reflex intermediate vessel (5,000 l, 29 bar, 215 °C)

  • The complete Reflex pressure maintenance station is installed outdoors; the hydraulic module and control centre are delivered by Reflex complete in a container for outdoor installation

Achieved goals

  • The additional intermediate circuit enables the waste gas heat to be reduced to 220 °C and a steam turbine is able to convert the waste gas heat into power via a generator. This produces an additional nominal output of approx. 1.92 MW.

  • This corresponds to an annual output of approx. 14 GWh, which is enough to supply approx. 3,500 households with power.

  • Power consumption in the cement works can be reduced by 20% as a result.