March 18, 2019

New heat exchanger portfolio

Gasketed or brazed? It depends on the requirements. Adaptable Longtherm heat exchangers from Reflex are at the cutting edge of energy technology. In addition to brazed heat exchangers with, amongst other things, optimised output due to new plates, new dimensions, and high-quality materials, Reflex has expanded the range by adding gasketed heat exchangers.

Due to their efficiency, they are used with very low temperatures spreads and very high capacity ranges of over 1 MW. As they can be disassembled, gasketed heat exchangers can be cleaned quickly and easily and can also be extended with more plate packs. Longtherm heat exchangers can be adapted to almost any set of requirements. They are available in a wide range of sizes, properties and connection types, offering the best compromise between low flow resistance, low pressure losses and highly efficient heat exchange at the same time.

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