August 01, 2019

The new Servitec S – the highlight of our anniversary celebrations

Vacuum spray tube degassing systems are 20 years old this year and we are celebrating with the new Servitec S. The Reflex vacuum spray tube degassing system for optimising water quality and safe operation is one of the most efficient and therefore most frequently requested systems on the market.

The new Servitec S is the best choice for medium-sized systems with a water volume of up to 6 m³ or a water/glycol mix of up to 4 m³ and a system output of up to 500 kW as used, for example, in multi-family houses, school buildings and small commercial or office buildings. Installation is easy thanks to the plug & play application and incorporation into existing systems is just as easy as integration and commissioning in new-builds. The new Reflex Control Smart app facilitates easy Servitec S commissioning, setting of degassing cycles and times, and maintenance management, all via Bluetooth.

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