October 15, 2020

Reflex Solutions Pro – The new design tool

Many planners, plant constructors, engineers and specialist tradespeople can now plan even more effectively. Because Reflex Solutions Pro has gone live! The key feature: for the first time, there is a solution which can be used to dimension and combine every product area. For more professional results, a greater overview and synergy, to assist with day-to-day work, making it even easier. And it can be done in projects of any size – from single-family homes to residential buildings and industrial premises.

Whether a single product or a complete system, after selecting the application, from heating, cooling, solar and geothermal to potable and service water, the relevant system parameters are entered. Reflex Solutions Pro will work out the correct configuration quickly and precisely. Then, with one click, you can download all the documents such as product data, tender texts and BIM data. The relevant tender texts, documents and BIM data are also included in the overview of results which can be downloaded with just one click. The new dimensioning tool is available from

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