April 03, 2022

Integration of the SINUS website

Sinusverteriler GmbH has been part of the Winkelmann Group since 2014 and is closely associated with Reflex Winkelmann GmbH in terms of market development.

This is particularly advantageous for Sinusverteiler and our customers also benefit through quicker project planning paths and the synergies of complementary products from both brands. We relaunched our brand in 2019 which resulted in the current SINUS brand. The association between the two powerful Reflex and Sinus brands is now even stronger as the content of the www.sinusverteiler.eu/ website, which will expire as a stand-alone website, is now incorporated into the www.reflex-winkelmann.com site. The wealth of information, brochures, technical documents, the link to the PROSINUS®X product configurator are therefore all still available.

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