June 12, 2024

The New Reflex NGV: Safety at Its Best

·        Full membrane made of butyl rubber
·        Excellent corrosion resistance
·        Designed for durability

The new Reflex NGV expands the portfolio of corrosion-protected diaphragm expansion vessels from Reflex Winkelmann GmbH. It exceeds the requirements of the DIN EN 13831 standard and is available for a wide range of applications in nine different sizes from eight to 140 liters. Due to new materials and an intelligent design, it is particularly beneficial for heat pumps and cooling systems.

 Optimal Pressure Balance and Minimal Pre-Pressure Loss

The function of diaphragm expansion vessels is to regulate temperature or pressure fluctuations of the heating or cooling water simply without electrical power, a compressor, or a pump. A membrane divides the vessel into a water and a gas chamber so that when the water pressure increases, the membrane stretches, and the gas is compressed. The special feature of the new Reflex NGV is the full membrane made of oxygen diffusion-tight butyl, which guarantees high pressure stability even at low system pressure and minimal pre-pressure loss. The major advantage of the full membrane is that it prevents the system water from contacting corrosive materials, thereby avoiding corrosion risks. Vessels of 80 liters and above also feature an integrated membrane suspension for optimal membrane filling and draining.

 Reliable in Heating and Cooling Systems

The Reflex NGV is suitable for both heating and cooling systems, but it particularly excels in cooling systems and cold water systems in the process water sector. There, the system water is very oxygen-rich, posing an increased corrosion risk. Additionally, a water-glycol mixture is often used, which gets into reaction with galvanized connections. This is where the Reflex NGV comes into play, as in addition to the full membrane made of butyl rubber, the stainless steel connections contribute to corrosion resistance and prevent the connection alloy from flaking due to contact with glycol.

 Safe Transport and Quick Installation

Additional points are awarded for the installation of the new devices. Supportive accessories for mounting and installation are available upon request. Thanks to extensive protective measures, high transport security is also ensured. Safety is also a priority during installation: vessels up to 25 liters are supplied with wall brackets, and from 35 liters floor standing with feet. With the new Reflex NGV, the manufacturer optimally meets the current requirements for expansion vessels and supports installers with a reliable solution for modern water and water-glycol systems.

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