Specific complete bespoke solutions

As a long-term partner in large projects, we understand how things work on site. One of the reasons we consistently rely on pre-assembly is to use time more efficiently on site and to improve safety. The benefit to operators is that they receive a completely pre-assembled and pre-tested solution for pressure maintenance, degassing, make-up and water treatment, including complete pipework and a controller. If required, our professional in-house Factory Customer Service can also commission the plant and carry out downstream maintenance. An all-round, hassle-free package for our customers.

Benefits of pre-assembly

  • Save time on site when installing, particularly for sensitive projects such as data-processing centres.
  • Design and cost security throughout the project
  • No installation errors – or uncertainties

Our pre-assembly solutions

Skid solutions

Skids are pre-assembled system solutions of Reflex products that are matched to each other and include complete pipework and intelligent controllers. They are used in any size of building, from community schools to international airports. They can be flexibly integrated into various systems and thus optimise both heating and cooling systems as well as solar and water supply systems.

Sinus pre-assembly

Heating and cooling systems are nowadays often installed to very tight deadlines and in with very limited available space. There is an option to fall back on to meet both these requirements – complete, pre-assembled manifold systems. Bespoke dimensioning and construction is completed to the customer’s requirements. In addition to this, manifolds and adapters are set up for the specific construction project.

PROSINUS®X configuration tool

PROSINUS®X allows you to specifically configure the products you require quickly and easily. It was never easier, quicker or more comfortable than now to combine your products.

Tool for specific configuration of SINUS products.

Are you interested in our pre-assembly services?

Please contact our Project Sales Team to discuss the options we can offer for your specific project.